Products and Results

Project Objectives:

Partnership creates an innovative model and some tools for develop and improve transversal skills for migrants.

There are two categories of target users of the project products are professionals, such as:

  1. Trainers, Coaches, Career counsellors, VET educators and social workers but as well
  2. Migrants themselves, who are also final beneficiaries.

The new Model notably include these already identified transversal skills:

  • Ability to understand a problem or a context (intelligence, critical thinking…) including cultural multi-aspects and social differences,
  • Decision making, responsibility acting and being a leader,
  • Collective and cooperation ability, taking into account new forms of business (virtual working, networks…),
  • Organizing support and resilience for the firm and/or the group,
  • Creativity,
  • Agility, initiative spirit and mobility on the job.

Participating organizations creates and develops tools that will use European transparency tools such as EQF, ECVET and Europass, to promote transnational mobility, following the recommendations of the Bruges Communiqué, Supporting VET in Europe.

Transversal Model for Migrants 2018 project provides the following outputs:

Desk Report on the topic

Training Curriculum (guidelines and contents)

Migrants’ Toolbox including validation of experience

Training of trainer’s Guidebook

Training Apps and learning platform for both target groups