Partners of the project


ITG Conseil

ITG is a profit limited company, which aim is to contribute to the local socio-economic development working, at a national and international level, in the area of research and training and providing technical assistance for public Institutions, private organizations and the private social sector.
Existing today throughout the French territory with more than 3500 consultants, the Group ITG since 1996 acknowledged expertise in all areas of consulting, study and training, including a complete range of training activities addressing entrepreneurs, coworkers to establish good relation and maintain people with mental disabilities in work place.
It has developed, for its consultants tailor-made services such as expertise and experience in the field of training, lifelong learning and management within France, Europe and at international level. ITG thanks to its own training center provide training and coaching in 10 cities in France.

18, rue de la Ville-l’Eveque
75008 PARIS – France



IASIS” is non-governmental, non-profit organization active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health and De-institutionalization, which actively participates in the psychiatric reform promoted by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the European Union. IASIS has an official registration as Private Non-Profit Organization and a Special Registration in Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations Lists handled by General Directorate of Welfare (09110AEN21094O32N-0798 and 09110AEN21094O32N-0721). IASIS NGO also has Management Competence System certified by the Special Service / Department of Health and Social Solidarity (No. 1483/13.06.18). Organization’s main objective is to provide psychosocial support and education to people who either belong to the range of or are at risk of exclusion, and to adult learners in the humanitarian field.

10445 Athens – Greece



Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organization which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional and global entities.  These entities include but are not limited to governments, local administrative agencies, non for profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions.  CSI team is composed of open-minded, fully equipped researchers, entrepreneurs, project managers, trainers and Information Technology Developers. CSI encompasses the capability and capacity to identify social needs, design and implement adjusted initiatives and project and provide for sustainable growth.  CSI draws know-how and skills from its wide global network which includes academic institutions, IT companies, public services, international organizations, start-ups and public services.

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)
Asprogis 7
2614, Nicosia, Cyprus



Mindshift Talent Advisory is a start-up HR Consultancy established in 2017 in Lisbon, with a strong focus on ICT-based solutions, VET and AE. Mindshift’s expertise lies in leveraging the long experience of the team in training and coaching, digital marketing, as well as in recruiting, psychometric assessment and data analysis. In addition, the company is responsible for design tailored skills development programmes to implement in-service, based on clients’ needs, for a range of sectors, such as retail, professional services, industry, commerce, banking & insurance, IT, pharmaceutics, telecommunication, fast-moving consumer goods.


Mindshift Talent Advisory
Avenida da Républica nº 45 8 Esq
1050-187, Lisboa, Portugal



Business Foundation for Education (BFE) is a Bulgarian non-government organization, established in 2005 to act in public interest. Its mission is to facilitate the development of the civil society through initiatives that enhance human resource competitiveness and contribute to economic development and prosperity. To achieve its goals the Foundation implements variety of projects focused in the fields of lifelong learning, guidance counselling, employment and social policy, vocational education and youth work.

1504, SOFIA, Bulgaria



SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS – SSF is a non-governmental organization composed of interdisciplinary professionals established in 2009. Our mission is to contribute to the development, integration and wellness of the most vulnerable groups, promoting tolerance, justice, and social responsibility in cooperation with other organizations and public institutions. SSF promotes a wide range of projects, training activities, courses, seminars, studies and research, and public activities on social, political and cultural issues, defending the right to education and freedom of education. We promote collaborative actions with educational institutions and international organizations in social and educational fields, in order to contribute to social wellness, especially supporting migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, families, with greater difficulties in social integration.


28045, MADRID, Spain



As a higher education institution dedicated to teaching, research, and service to our society, BAU aims to educate the leading work force of future who have an inquiring mind and critical thinking ability; are sensitive to local and global issues; achieve international standards; contribute to scientific, technological, and cultural knowledge. BAU is continuing to develop international collaboration with many partner universities throughout EU and other countries. Τhese activities allow BAU to expand the international centre which it works on the purpose to inform citizens about the European Union and Turkey’s accession process. The center will be run in collaboration with Bahcesehir University, and is part of a network of 21 EUICs across Turkey with coordination of EU Turkey Delegation. BAU also has an international exchange offices which conducts Erasmus youth exchange, internship mobility and other EU funds and processes.


34538, ISTANBUL, Turkey