About the Transversal model for migrants project

Transversal Project aims to empower teachers, trainers and counsellors to facilitate and empower migrants with skills in order to promote higher job position or economic and social integration within Europe.

Within the context of this proposal, 7 partner organizations(ITG, IASIS, CSI, Mindshift, BFE, SSF, BAU) from 7 countries (Greece, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Bulgaria Spain and Turkey) will work together to develop Transversal Project, extending their scope beyond the borders of their own countries in order to define common strategies to address smooth integration for migrants in Europe. Participating organizations will use and promote also European transparency tools such as EQF, ECVET and Europass, to promote transnational mobility, following the recommendations of the Bruges Communiqué, Supporting VET in Europe.

To support migrants in their journey, seven partner organizations (Counselling NGO’s, research centres and VET providers, companies and social partners) from seven countries will work together to develop Transversal project. Partners will:
a) Identify skill gaps, educational factors and successful methodological approaches through research process (Intellectual Output 1: Desk report about the topic)
b) Enhance the professional development of Counselling Units and VET educators facilitating the assessment, validation and recognition of learning outcomes for Migrants’ support. (Intellectual Output 2: Training Curriculum)
c) Design practical activities, based on the Transversal innovative pedagogical approach, to support counsellors and VET educators in their counselling everyday work and routine with migrants. (Intellectual Output 3: Toolbox)
d) Create useful resources to disseminate better understanding of different and innovative methodological approaches for supporting migrants towards their integration in Europe. (Intellectual Output 4: Training of Trainers’ Guidebook)
e) Design and implement an innovative digital space and practical tools addressed to both counsellors and educators to develop knowledge on different elements related with migrants and support them through interactive learning elements (Intellectual Output 5: Training Apps and learning platform for both target groups)

The main target users of the project products are Counsellors/ Coaches and VET educators. Final beneficiaries are migrants – users of these services who face issues with their integration within Europe.